There is a longing in each of us to touch and taste the beauty, pleasure and sensuality of our inner worlds. The sensual and sexual elements of the human psyche are as important as air and water.

I walk a path of healing that embodies many practices.  Practices that honor the body and the senses and the power of desire as prime mover. Practices that invite deep relaxation and healing energies that transform  Using elements of meditation, bodywork, breathwork and ceremony, you are invited to unwind, breathe and allow the experience of being in the present moment awaken your senses.  Sensual alchemy is the art of expressing all that we feel, using breath sound and movement. Exploring the inner  and outer worlds through the ritual arts of touch, sound and sight, where you are encouraged to open and receive more pleasure and surrender.                             

                              I call this finding the current or riding the wave

Come as you are and explore what is within you enhancing your creativity, vitality and pleasure. 

I am a sensual guide and muse with years of experience in spiritual and sensual alchemy through the many practices of tai chi, yoga, music, dance, Tantra and Taoist practices. I am a well educated, worldly woman who enjoys travel, culture, the arts and ancient religions. There is a richness in our human history that can help us to find deeper meaning in our fast-paced modern world.Awakening to our potential and our power can be a joyful and pleasurable experience that reunites us to our childlike innocence and our inner wisdom. Together these create a way back to our lives that invigorates, expands and heals the ways in which we have held back from our true natures.                                     

 Bless this life. It is ours to reclaim and enjoy .       

Bliss is Truth
   Naya Lalita


​​​​Il a y, au plus profond de nous, une faim indéniable de toucher et de goûter la beauté et le plaisir sensuels de notre monde intérieur. Les éléments sensuels de la psyché humaine sont aussi importantes que l’air et l’eau pour le corps et l'ame. Je suis là pour vous proposer une exploration de ce monde intérieur à travers les arts rituels de caresses, respirations, senteurs et de la beaute de la relaxation melanger a l'eveillement vous offre une exploration qui vous encourage à éprouver et à partager la joie qui viens d'une detente tendre et intime. Avec moi, vous apprendrez à prolonger les moments d’extase, et à les renforcer par tous les sens. Venez faire quelques pas avec moi sur mon chemin de la Déesse, et découvrez ce qu’il y a en vous de plus créatif, vital, et sensuel. Venez pour que je vous montre : le délice, c’est la vérité. 

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”                   ~Hafiz of Persia
J'aimerais te montrer, quand tu te sens seul ou dans l'obscurité, la lumière étonnante de ton propre être.                       ~ Hafiz de Perse