There is a longing in Each of us to 
Touch and Taste the 
Beauty Pleasure and Peace of our 
Physical Embodiment and our 
Deep Inner worlds

Sensual expression is an intrinsic part of our 
Human Beingness and 
nourishes us deeply 
Sharing and Expression of our
Sacred Pleasure as a Practice for 
Greater Awareness of Body and Mind and 
Greater Aliveness through the Senses is Ancient 

It is time to Reclaim Pleasure as an Inherent and Natural part of a Vibrant Awakened Life. 

I host in a Beautiful Discreet Temple Space with Gorgeous Soundscapes, Soft textures, Massage Table and Full Bathing Facilities. 

Sensual Alchemy 

 The Art of Expressing all that we Feel
 Through Breath, Sound and Movement
The Space that Arises from Coming Together
Let us Explore our Inner and Outer Worlds
Through the Alchemy of 
Breath,Touch, Sound and Sight
Open and receive more Pleasure and Surrender
Reclaim your Vitality, Sensuality and Peace
              Take it With You into Your World                             

​ Let us find the current and ride the waves

Come as you are and explore what is within you 

​                                                    Bless this Life
   It is ours to Reclaim and Enjoy       


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”                   
       ~Hafiz of Persia
“I keep holding up the mirror of the sun, so you can see the stunning reflections of everything you’re becoming.
- Hafiz of Tabriz