I Share with You the Alchemy of many Suns and Moons of Study and Exploration of the Body and the Senses. Drink from the cup of Presence in a World outside the World. Enter the Temple of the Body with Reverence for the Delightful Shivers and the Baited Breath of Anticipation. Learn to Hold your Passion within all the spaces that make up your Being.

  Tantra is The Dance of Duality Seeking Unity. It is the Merging of the Diving Opposites, the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine Qualities. This Tradition was born in India 5000 years ago alongside Yoga. In fact, it was the secret Yoga taught to those who showed signs of Readiness. It continues to Evolve as it finds its way back into our modern day lives, where our bodies are still as responsive as ever to its Power. 

 The Tantric arts speak to the Senses via the Beauty of the Body, the joys of Embodiment and the Cultivation of Pleasure ..  Rising and Falling on the Powerful Kundalini energy that we call Pleasure.  Taoist Sexual practices are more interested in accessing the Mechanics of Pleasure through muscle tonification and techniques to learn better Control and Management of Energy for Greater Stamina and Longevity of Life. Both of these practices Inspire and Influence how I share this Beautiful Practice.. ...I Play and Dance with these two streams to bring to you a Journey and Experience not to forget.

 We are Intrinsically Sensual.. Desiring a Connection to                   the Pleasure of Being in these Bodies.

There are so many ways to Experience and Explore the Path of Sensual Alchemy from the Meditative to the Playful, Arousing and Cultivating the Sensual flow that is natural and inherent.  I ask that you share with me what you Desire to Awaken and Experience and let us Follow the Breath to see what we can Find.

                                 Union is the Way

Enter the Dance of the Feminine Receptive and Masculine Active principles within yourself in order to fully Partake in the Union of Shiva and Shakti ~ who Represent ~ Matter and Consciousness ~ Body and Mind ~ This path invites us to realize that we are Sacred in every way and our Desires are a path to Remembering our Complete Selves.

As a Sensual Muse, teacher and guide, I bring to you the many facets of this Path through my Journey with musical landscapes to transport you, scents to entice you and touch rituals to Awaken Greater Aliveness. I seek to bring together these practices while listening to you in order to play with what is within you and what is perfect in each moment.

Feeling and sharing Intimacy is a Natural and Necessary aspect of our lives that can be illusive in these times. To be met and invited into a space with Acceptance and Grace is what I am passionate about offering. To keep Opening to our Sacred Pleasure as a Gateway to our Creativity can be the Shift that helps us to find more pleasure in each relationship whether it be Personal or Professional.  


Naya ~In sanskrit, "One who sees into the many aspects of Life
Lalita~ Goddess of Bliss, in sanskrit "she who plays"

~Rumi - 11th century Persian Mystic                                         
    Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.”