~Sensual Alchemy ~ What I share is a blend of many healing practices. I study and practice the ancient and returning rituals of Tantra, a tradition and practice born in India that continues to evolve as it finds its way into our modern world.  I also have traveled down the road of Sufism and Taoist Sexual practices which inspire and influence how I share this beautiful practice.. ...bringing to play many life affirming practices which help to create sacred space through ritual sound, smell  and sight that helps us to slow down, breathe and create a new relationship to our unique selves.
                                                                                                                                                             Each of us is intrinsically sensual and desiring a connection to life and to the pleasure of being in these bodies.

There are many ways of experiencing and exploring the path of Sensual Alchemy from the meditative to the playful, arousing and cultivating the sexual flow that is natural and inherent. Union is the Way. Tantra seeks to unify the feminine and masculine principles within ourselves in order to fully partake in the dance of Shiva and Shakti ~ who represent ~ matter and consciousness ~ body and mind ~ This path invites us to realize that we are sacred in every way and our desires are a path to remembering our deeper inner qualities.As a Sensual Muse, teacher and guide, I bring to play the many facets of my learning and experience. As a longtime yogini and dancer, i have been exploring breath, movement and the pleasure of embodiment for many years.  I seek to bring together these practices while listening to your needs in order to play with what is within you and what is perfect in each moment.Feeling and sharing intimacy is a natural and necessary aspect of our lives that can be hard to find at times. To be met and invited into space with acceptance and grace is what I am passionate about offering. To keep opening to our pleasure as a gateway to our creativity can be the shift that helps us to find more pleasure in each relationship whether it be personal or professional.                                                                                                                                                               

                                             We are all much more similar than different. 

​​ Nous sommes tous beaucoup plus semblables que différents des autres. Chacun est, par sa nature intrinsèque, un être sensuel qui désire une connexion à la vie et au plaisir d’être dans son corps. Pour retrouver cette connexion, ce courant sensuel qui nous est naturel et inné, l’Union est d’une importance primordiale. Les pratiques du tantra—tantôt ludiques, tantôt méditatifs--cherchent à unifier les principes féminins et masculins en nous, et nous invitent à comprendre que nos désirs—eux aussi sacrés—constituent un chemin qui mène vers nos qualités intérieures. En tant que Muse sensuelle, j’apporte à cette expérience de longues années de pratique de yoga et de danse, tout en écoutant vos besoins, qui nous guideront tout au long de nos moments ensemble. Ce qui me fait vibrer, c’est de vous retrouver avec grâce et acceptation, et de vous inviter dans un espace où le plaisir fait renaitre notre créativité. 


Naya ~In sanskrit, "One who sees into the many aspects ..past present and future"
Lalita~ Goddess of Bliss, in sanskrit "she who plays"
      ~Rumi - 11th century Persian Mystic                                         "Quelque chose ouvre nos ailes... Quelque chose fait disparaître l’ennui et  la peine....Quelque chose remplit notre coupe ..Nous goûtons alors au sacré"

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.”