One regret, Dear World, that i am determind not to have, 
  When i am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.”
         ~Hafiz of Tabriz, persian mystic 11th century

  1 hour discovery session ~ Enter the temple 

  New York City ~400
  Chicago ~ 350
  Vancouver ~300
  Paris~ 350 
  London ~ 400 

  90 minute session ~ Riding the Current

  New York City~ 500
  Chicago ~ 450  
  Vancouver ~ 400 
  Paris ~ 450   
  London ~ 500

  2 hour session ~ Exploring the waves

  New York City~ 600  
  Chicago ~ 550  
  Vancouver ~ 500 
  Paris ~ 550   
  London ~ 600

Dear Sensual Alive Being... 
Welcome.. . 
Allow me to guide you into the temple where we will 
Cultivate a Relationship with our Inner Lovers and 
Divine Inspiration 
What Desires to be Seen and Felt in You
Heard and Witnessed

 I offer you Tools to help you Build a Stronger Connection to 
your Masculine Power 
Through the arts of Tantra
 Breath Sound and Movement will Guide Us

Let us Access Deeper Reserves of Authentic Desire 
Let Us Flow on the Tides of Sensation and Experience
And channel it through this Sacred Body
Rising on the Powerful Life Force Energy Kundalini
Clearing the Channels for Greater Expression and Receptivity

Relax your Being
  Heighten your Awareness * Listen to your InnerWisdom

We Will Also Invite and Work with the Goddess​ and
Tune into the Divine Feminine Qualities of Intuition and Sensuality 
Allow these Nourishing Qualities to Assist You on this Journey
Slow the Active Mind and Tune into the Listening Body.
Let us Seek Balance Together in these 

Some of the things we will practice and invite into the sessions..

 I  approach this practice from a sensual as well as a wellness perspective. I am a certified 
nutritional counselor, yoga teacher and spiritual coach with lots of skills on Lifestyle and Practice. 
Please feel free to ask ask about my other skills. 

   Finding deeper states of relaxation through the breath, relaxation and sensual touch. 

   More awareness of what is moving through you and how to enhance or release.

   Opening to receive more pleasure in the body and calmness of mind to allow for balance.

   Opportunities to share touch and eye gazing to enhance presence in the moment.

   Prostrate massage and male g-spot activation to awaken the multi-orgasmic man.

   Changing sexual patterns to build new pathways of pleasure that nourish and restore.

   Addressing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation by moving slowly and confidently.


Enjoy my company for elegant dinners,      soirees or events. 

   To be discussed in person. 

           Discover :: Sensoriale ::

     This is my very special Session where i take you on a               journey of Sensory Deprivation as well as Super                       Stimulation.. 

       ~You will be gently and elegantly blindfolded and                  bound in fur cuffs 
       ~You will be given soft meditative music in headphones 

       And then I will begin the delicious and at times                       excruciatingly pleasurable exploration of your body 
       using all sorts of things to entice, delight and expand 
       your bodies ability to Feel Fully. 

          This experience is designed for the over achiever in us and the                     dominant figure that is used to directing and running things. 
         This is your time to fully let go and indulge in total surrender. 
         You are safe in my hands and I promise you will never forget this.               This is a time for you to completely let go and enter deeply into your 
         body and the space of nothing where you can experience heights and           depths of sensation often left untouched. 

          This is not Bondassage. This is my own Creation that came from the great
          need I saw my clients sharing, the craving to feel safe and held in total                  restraint, where you can leave the world behind and taste the Infinite                  Pleasure in your inner world. You are Safe with me to Feel All that Arises.

                               500/60min  ~  600/90min  ~  700/2hours   

Sacred Intimacy * Couples Session

Things we will practice in a session..

   Breathwork to calm the mind and awaken the body
   Eye-gazing as a powerful tool for presence
   Communication and Emotional Release techniques
   Bodywork Rituals, guided erotic massage for both partners
   Beautiful current music and ambiance
   A loving, supportive and healing environment

  My minimum of sacred time is 90 minutes. 

    800$/90 min  900$/2 hrs  1000$/2.5 hrs   1100$/3 hrs  

Time Management~

Money exchanged in legal personal services for this session is simply for time, companionship and coaching. Nothing else is ever offered nor implied. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution and no fees will ever be accepted for illegal activity.

                      Thank you for your respect, courtesy and punctuality. 

There is a short phone call interview process with each of you in order to establish rapport and shared desires.  

 Rise With You
 I Breathe You In
And Remember Who I Am 
Human and Divine
I Am The Sacred Pleasure of 
There is a short interview process over the phone to ask and answer any questions.  I do a short verification for both our comforts.