One regret, Dear World, that i am determind not to have, 
  When i am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.”
~Hafiz of Tabriz, persian mystic 11th century

"Un regret, cher monde, que je me suis résolu à ne pas avoir en te quittant,
c’est celui de ne pas t’avoir suffisamment embrassé."

Allow me to guide you in finding a stronger connection to your masculine power, desire and purpose. Let me also help you
to learn the art of surrendering to your feminine qualities of Feeling, Intuition and Receptivity. Herein you can slow down
​from the Active Doing and Logical Thinking in order to balance it with Receptivity and Surrender which is felt as
Trust in Life. We always begin with deep relaxation and meditative breathing. From there we move into playing with more
energy and pleasure, inviting in greater awareness and sensitivity and a deeper connection to all aspects of this rich sensual life.
Basic meditative breathing techniques, stimulating touch and more nurturing deep touch, sensual play and exploring the range of
emotion and sensation are the ritual arts of the temple that i invite you to discover....or rather ... remember..

There are many ways to practice and explore:
Il ya beaucoup que puissiez decouvrir avec moi:

    ~Discovering more of your authentic erotic self
    ~Decouvrer votre voix erotique et authentique

    ~Finding greater stamina through breath control
    ~Trouver plus de vigueur et de controle avec la respiration

    ~Addressing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
    ~Travailler avec l'ejaculation premature et le manque de vigueur

    ~Learning to become a better lover and partner
    ~Apprenez a etre un meilleur amoureux et partenaire

    ~Finding deeper states of relaxation  
    ~Trouver de plus profonds etats de relaxation

    ~More awareness of yourself  and your senses
    ~Trouver plus de connaissance de soi et de vos sens

    ~Opening to receive more pleasure and surrender 
    ~Recevez plus de plaisir et de l'aisser aller

    ~Less mental agitation through deep breathing
    ~Relaxation du mental a travers la respiration profonde et guider

    ~Prostrate massage and male g-spot activation
    ~Massage du prostate, le g-point de l'homme

    ~Changing sexual patterns 
    ~Changez vos habitudes sexuels

    1 hour discovery session ~ enter the temple 
    1 heure de decouverte... entree dans mon temple

    New York City ~300$
    Chicago ~ 300
    Los Angeles ~300
    Paris~  300 euros
     South Bay  ~ 300$

    90 minute session

   New York City~ 400$ 
   Chicago ~ 400$      
   Los Angeles ~ 400$  
   Paris ~ 400 euros   
   South Bay ~ 400$

    2 hour session

   New York City~ 500$   
   Chicago ~ 500$    
   Los Angeles ~ 500$ 
   Paris ~ 500 euros  
   South Bay ~ 500$

    Dinner Dates 1 hour introductory session
   Dinons ensemble et de la une heure de decouverte..

~Enjoy my company for elegant dinners, soirees or events. 
   1 hour dinner followed by a 1 hour session

      New York City/Chicago ~ 600$     
      Los Angeles     ~ 550$         
      Hawaii.            ~550$     
      Paris               ~ 500euros
      South Bay        ~ 650$
      London           ~ 600 pds


      Sacred Relations ~ Couples Massage

  Sacred Relations are sessions designed for Couples that focus on each person's natural sensuality as well as 
their desires within their partnership. These sessions help to connect you in a deeper way to yourselves
and your partner in the dynamic relationship equilibrium of sharing daily life and the deeper mystery of sexuality.

I create a safe and boundary honoring space for couple's to open, share and explore deeper intimacy. I also invite in 
different communication techniques to help bring more clarity and depth to emotions, sensations and intentions that
can help couples to express their desires and needs in a clear and loving way. Your union as a couple is always respected 
and everything is created with respect and with your needs in mind.

   Couples sessions are tailored to each couple according to your needs but will always consist of:

   ~Breathwork to calm the mind and awaken the body
   ~Eye-gazing as a powerful tool for presence
   ~Communication and Emotional Release techniques
   ~Bodywork Rituals, guided erotic massage  for both partners
   ~Beautiful music and ambiance
   ~A loving, supportive and healing environment

   I highly recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for couples. The minimum is 90 minutes. If you would like the 
 bathing ritual, it is a minimum of 2 hours.

   Donations for couples start at 500$/90 minutes, 600$/2 hours, 700$/2.5 hours, 800$/3 hours in Vancouver and Victoria. 

                       I have a beautiful location with massage table, fresh linens and unscented organic oils

                                           No full service. Courtesy, respect and punctuality expected and given               

Pas de service complet. J'attends, et je donne de la courtoisie, du respect et de la ponctualite.

                                             ~ Sensual Vacations~ I offer unique, sensual and evocative vacations to a retreat or spa in your area. I will be your companion 
and assist in helping you relax and enjoy this time out. I will create a package that will be as good for your 
body as it is for your spirit. I am a muse before I am a lover... here to be a beautiful, gentle, sensual companion 
there to inspire you, with my healing hands and passion for pleasure. This is sacred space for your health and 
well-being, your pleasure and your relaxation. Details are to be discussed in person so that we can create the 
perfect package for you. As a certified yoga teacher and nutritionist I can bring elements of yoga and cleansing into your retreat. 

I welcome you  In Light Naya Lalita

 Sensual Muse

 Feminine ArchetypeGoddess Worshipper

1 heure d'introduction...
        Paris               ~ 200euros

90 minutes avec bain rituel si vs voulez.

    Paris                ~ 300euros

~2 heures, plus d'exploration...

    Paris               ~ 400euros

     Les couples